How to Care for your Candle

How to find light at the end of the tunnel

How to stop a candle tunnelling – the number one cause of sad-looking candles, and hugely infuriating. What is candle tunnelling? Tunnelling happens when your candle burns down in the middle, and not the sides, so creating a ‘tunnel’, which gets deeper with every subsequent burn of the candle.  Once a tunnel is in place most people give up with their candle – which is annoying when you’ve spent money on it.

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So we have created our Little Flickers ‘How-To’ advice to help you avoid tunnelling in your candle and what to do if this unfortunate event happens.

Be Prepared

This is very important so pay attention:

Don’t trim the wick before you first light your candle.

It’s essential that when you first light your candle you let it burn for at least 2-3 hours. This will allow the candle surface to burn evenly, preventing tunnelling along with creating candle burn memory – candles never forget!

What do I do if my candle tunnels?

We understand accidents happen. If you find your candle has tunnelled here are a couple of insider tip to try and reverse the damage:

Put the candle inside a vase and let it burn for a few hours – this creates a ‘hurricane’ effect which should keep the heat around the candle and help the melt the excess wax.

Alternatively, you may have to carefully remove some of the liquid wax to keep the flame from drowning out. Let the candle burn until the entire top becomes liquid wax about 1/4″ deep. This resets the wax and decreases your chances of tunnelling in future burn sessions.

If you just remove the dry hard wax down to the wick, it will likely tunnel again the next time as the wax around the edge still has never melted – so don’t do it! Wax has a memory which is why it’s important to set the stage right on the first burn (I know, we are going on a bit here – because it’s true).

It’s still not working!

If your candle is beyond repair all is not lost, so don’t cry!  You can still enjoy the fabulous fragrance by placing on a candle warmer to melt without lighting the candle.

You can also remove the dry, hard wax and place it in small portions on the top of a wax warmer. Have a look at our own Little Flickers version – a gorgeous accessory for any room.

IMPORTANT: Always be careful when burning your candle and especially cautious with all these techniques to ensure the wax doesn’t become too hot and ignite.

For further information about looking after your beautiful candle please read our Candle Care page


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