A Little Flicker of Escape

In these strange times, our travel plans are being challenged in the effort to keep us all safe and well. If you opt for a staycation Little Flickers’ Escape Collection is perfect for evoking memories of more exciting jaunts in far fun places.  Even if you do get the chance for an overseas trip, at some point you have to return (boo!) but this gorgeous range of fragrances and crystals will take you straight back.

Our Escape Collection takes you around the world from Paris to Rome, the Hamptons, Vegas and full-throttle into London, Baby!

Each fragrance is designed to bring back memories. One Night in Paris features Sandalwood, reminiscent of heavy, sweet, intoxicating summer evenings spent getting lost in the bars and restaurants of Montmartre, Le Marais and Belleville. Whilst Black Pepper adds cool, exotic elements for an evening of adventure and mystery.

Like a rich warm breeze brushing against your skin as you run from the Piazza Navona to Campo de’ Fiori, When in Rome has a sumptuous velvet rose fragrance, infused with peony petals and rosebuds. Wrapped with intense smoky oud wood this gorgeous scent reminds you of heady nights of fun in the Italian capital – mix a glass of Aperol Spritz to complete the experience!

And whilst it’s almost impossible to get into the US lose yourself in To The Hampton’s fresh and luxurious fragrance infused with Yellow Rose petals and a scattering of seashells. Sparkling citrus top notes lead you along Cooper’s Beach to an exotic heart of jasmine, patchouli, vanilla and cedarwood,  This light and relaxing scent will turn any room into an ambient ocean dream, like Sagaponack and Water Mill – until you can go back in person.

If you are in need of something with a bit more of a punch then try a confident strut down The Strip with Vegas Nights. Fill your room with irresistible notes of grapefruit, lemon and rum leading to a heart of black lily, rose and geranium. Chuck on a pair of tight shorts, cowboy boots and the loudest shirt you can find and imagine you are back in the warm, heady nights of Nevada. Infused with Black Mallow petals and Red Rose Buds for added glamour who knows where this scent will take you? What goes on in Vegas…..!

And then fly back in style to the UK. Stylish, individual and full of personality, London, Baby! fuses exotic patchouli, sandalwood and vetiver musk with the uber British mixed Rose petals and Rose Buds, mirroring the fabulous cultural mix and excitement of a night out in this iconic city.

So no matter what the weather is like outside let our Escape Collection transport you back to your favourite city.

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