Candle Care

Care for Your Candle

Your candle is natural, chemical and toxin free, and is totally vegan. We use natural, clean burning coconut soy wax, which as well as the environmental and cruelty-free benefits also creates a longer lasting candle with a more intense and pure aroma.

No bees are harmed in making our candles and all are free from chemical herbicides and pesticides, paraffin wax and Phthalate, but this also makes our candles a little temperamental and so we have created this care guide to help you understand and look after your new addition.

Burn Baby Burn

Make sure that when you light your gorgeous Little Flickers candle for the first time you don’t trim the wick and then let it burn for 2-3 hours. This gives your candle time to burn evenly across the surface, help prevent tunnelling and create a candle burn memory. After your first burn, then please please always trim your wick before lighting your candle. This will ensure a longer lasting candle, maximise the fragrance and eliminate soot.

Try to burn your candle for long stretches to avoid tunnelling.

Gonna Make You Sweat

Sometimes a change in temperature can cause your coconut soy wax candle to sweat. This is because it has no added chemicals and is 100% natural, but it’s nothing to worry about and won’t affect the way your candle burns.

Ice Ice Baby

Don’t worry about a little ring. Frosting is a natural process when the coconut soy wax reforms, as it tries to revert to its natural state.

Mellow Yellow

Candles containing natural vanilla bean extract may discolour yellow over time but again this is nothing to worry about – we all change with age!

Oh No! My Candle Has Tunnelled – Help Me!

Oh honey, this ain’t pretty or easy. PLEASE make sure you follow the steps about how to prevent tunnelling but if it’s just too late try these tunnel rescue remedies:

Put the candle inside a vase and let it burn for a few hours. The hurricane keeps the heat around the candle to help melt the excess wax. We’ve even seen people wrap the top of the candle in tin foil (with an opening at the top) to get the wax to melt while burning – it does work!!

You may have to carefully remove some of the liquid wax as you go to keep the flame from drowning out. Let the candle burn until the entire top becomes liquid wax about 1/4″ deep. This resets the wax and decreases your chances of tunnelling in future burn sessions.

If you just remove the dry hard wax down to the wick, it will likely tunnel again the next time as the wax around the edge still has never melted – so don’t do it!!

Wax has a memory which is why it’s important to set the stage right on the first burn (I know, we are going on a bit here – because it’s true).

If your candle is beyond repair all is not lost, so don’t cry!  You can still enjoy the fabulous fragrance by placing on a candle warmer to melt without lighting the candle.

You can also remove the dry, hard wax and place it in small portions on the top of a wax warmer. Have a look at our own Little Flickers version  – a gorgeous accessory for any room.

Use caution with all these techniques to ensure the wax doesn’t become too hot and ignite.



This is really important information so please read very carefully.

  • Always burn within sight. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  • Keep away from children, pets and flammable materials.
  • Avoid using in drafty areas, near an open window, air duct or fan.
  • Never use water or a lid to extinguish a candle.
  • Never move a burning candle. Ensure your candle is extinguished, wax is solid and jar is cold before handling.
  • Ensure wicks are upright and trimmed to 7mm during use and each time the candle is relit.
  • Do not burn your Little Flickers candle for more than 3 hours at a time.
  • Stop burning when 13mm of un-melted wax remains in the bottom of the glass wear.
  • Glass may become hot. Burn your candle on an appropriate flat heat-resistant surface.
  • Never allow the candle flame to come in contact with the side of the glass.
  • Do not use if glass is cracked, chipped or broken.
  • If your candle has multiple wicks, they must all be lit every time the candle is used.
  • Never introduce liquids or foreign objects into your candle, and keep it free of wick trimmings, matches and any flammable materials.
  • If the glass becomes blackened while burning, extinguish your candle, allow cooling and cleaning with a dry paper towel.
  • Use a candle snuffer to properly extinguish a candle flame.