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Welcome to our world of gorgeous, crystal and petal infused candles – each handcrafted by our team of boutique candlemakers, ensuring that no two candles are the same. Each one is as individual as you are.

Founder/owner, Lucie Hopley, is passionate about the therapeutic qualities of aromas to bring calm, positive energy and joy to your life. She has spent several months exploring fragrances and wax combinations to create a stunning range of candles, wax melts, reed diffusers, linen and room sprays to suit every occasion, event and room.

In addition to aromas that envelope your space, Lucie has introduced an infusion of crystals and petals to enhance the well-being and feel good qualities of each candle, amplifying your experience.

All candles are created from natural, clean burning coconut and soy wax, which as well as the environmental, vegan and cruelty-free benefits also creates a longer lasting candle with a more intense and pure aroma.

From romance and seduction, to our Escape Collection evoking memories of favourite trips abroad and fragrances designed to calm and relax, Little Flickers has candles for every mood – and we are continually developing new products – mixing and testing in our barn for your enjoyment.

We don’t believe in fast, manufacturing using cheap or unsustainable ingredients which damage our planet. Each of our candles is made via two pours which takes at least three days. All our crystals are cleansed and then added, along with complimentary dried petals (picked locally!), by hand – and with love! So from making order to receiving your candle can take 10 days – but we know they are worth waiting for.

I want to share my passion for crystals and the therapeutic qualities of aromas Our candles are designed to help overcome self doubt, lack of self love, and even to clear out the negative thoughts in your mind and bring about positive vibrations, serenity and energy, when you need a little boost.


  1. Amazing candles, in fact all products here. The attention to detail is amazing and the scents unreal……….wow

    • Little Flickers Social

      Wow! Thank you so much for your kind, kind words… I really do put all my heart and soul into each and every flicker 💗💗💗

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